Produced by Craig Clark, with John Egdell and Chris McManus
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Mcmanus@ Blank Studios, Newcastle
Mastered byMick Ross@Mono Studio, Newcastle

Cover photography by Craig Clark[Montrose, Texas]

Craig Clark - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards
John Egdell - electric guitar, bass, drums, piano and keyboards
Dave Musgrave - drums and percussion
Nick Sheffield - electric guitar
Patrick Lawrence - violin
Miriam Benett - cello
James Main - piano
All songs written by Craig Clark


City Scene


Hello New York

Belle of the Ball

Dizzy Head

Red Light

Mary's Masters in Drama

The Bridges

Won't See Me Run

Instrumentals Available Upon Request

Craig Clark’s debut record Sometimes Bewilder is a beautifully arranged, lushly melodic piece of work; articulate and emotive in the way it addresses memory, travel and relationships. Five years in the making, Craig’s Americana-indebted songwriting recalls Neil Young and Wilco. “About 70 or 80 per cent of the album is about two or three trips, and the rest of it is quite minimalist songs that expanded with the help of others. In terms of the songs on the record it covers eight or nine years. I then realised what the album could be, and that process took about five years. Initially I had the idea to take the songs to the studio and just have a very minimal arrangement, but happily that isn’t what happened. Dave Musgrave, who played drums, and John Egdell really contributed to the richness of the arrangement.”